Masterbuilt tied up with Butterball in 2008 to make innovative turkey fryers and help people to enjoy the taste of fried turkey with their families. Each of their fryers has several benefits and different capacities, which can have a significant effect on your decision. For many people, having an indoor fryer is appropriate particularly when you wish a deep fried turkey during rain or snow. Also, having an outdoor fryer that runs on propane can be dangerous as there is always a possibility of hot oil spilling and causing a fire. So you should buy the fryer that will be suitable to your requirements.

Butterball is a well-known brand of turkey and other poultry meats. Its products include whole turkeys, turkey roasts, whole breasts, turkey cuts, ground turkey, turkey bacon, turkey sausages and deli meat. It also has packaged lunch meat. Moreover, prepared foods as well. It has been a part of this industry since 1954. Head quarter of this company is in the US and sells its products in more than 45 countries.

Turkey Fryers by Masterbuilt Butterball will give you the opportunity to have juicy and moist meat whenever you wish. Many families consider Turkey necessary in their meal during Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is celebrated in US and Canada every year by feasting with family and friends with Turkey having an important part of the celebrations.

It is celebrated in the US on fourth Thursday of November, while it is the second Monday of October in the case of Canada. It is an important public holiday in both these countries. With improvements in technology, we now have a deep fryer.

The first time Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 at Plymouth by a group of religious immigrants called pilgrims from England and the local tribal inhabitants. The idea was to give thanks to God on the occasion of the successful first harvest. However, now the festival has become a secular tradition with the focus on having a meal with family and friends. This Butterball turkey fryer infuses ingredients in turkey and makes the process of cooking simpler.

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Looking for a turkey fryer that healthily fries your turkey?

However, the trouble is now over. This Butterball turkey fryer does not take much time for preparing a turkey. Fried food is not that easy to make, it takes the right amount of marinade and appropriate cooking time for a delicious turkey. The meat needs to be soaked in the marinade for hours for the flavors to be completely absorbed.

The butterball turkey fryer gives you the most tender and juiciest turkey ever. You do not need to marinate turkey for hours because the fryer itself lets the pores of the turkey open up to soak the flavors. The self-timer will make you worry free about over cooking the food. Butterball fryer will turn you turkey to extraordinary only by following a few simple steps.

For all health conscious people, there is no worrying about gaining excess fat from fried foods. This fryer converts your fried food into healthy foods. Butterball turkey fryer will consume less oil. Everyone around you will appreciate your turkey dish cooked in butterball fryer and will surely enjoy the meal.

If you are wondering whether the turkey fryer is worth the investment, let me tell you it is. It cooks about 14 pounds of turkey in minimum oil with ease. I find it very easy to use and extremely handy. The fryer is very user-friendly and designed for people who do not wish to get into the technicalities of an appliance while cooking. Features of Butterball fryer will make it convenient and safe for the user. It is effortless to clean, control and maintain thanks to its digital timer and thermostat.

The butterball turkey fryer will allow you to experience the finest cooking and the delicious taste of healthy fried food cooked to perfection within minutes. Make every dinner time more than just a meal.

Traditionally, the meal consists of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, squash and some other types of vegetables, cranberry sauce, pies and bread. As having a whole turkey at the center of the table and being surrounded by family and friends play a major part in the Thanksgiving celebrations, an alternative name is Turkey day.

In fact, people claim that they do not find the roasted one appealing after tasting the deep fried one. If done correctly, the meat will taste moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Also, much time is taken in roasting in the oven. So deep frying not only frees up the oven that can be used to prepare other dishes for Thanksgiving but saves much time as well.

Why spend so much time in roasting when you can deep fry?

Preparing a turkey by deep frying it in a pan of boiling oil makes the meat juicy and delicious to taste which is crisp and crunchy on the outside. If the turkey is fired at the right temperature using the appropriate amount of oil it will be finger licking good. The turkey gets cooked through the steam that is generated through the moisture that is already present in the meat.

It makes the meat crunchy but grease-free. Frying a turkey takes less time as compared to roasting it. It can mean spending not just less time preparing the turkey but also save time and make other things as well.

Though deep fried turkey uses a bit more oil as compared to the roasted one, the difference is not much. You consume 964 calories and 48 grams of fat in case you roast and 1012 calories and 50 grams of fat in case you deep fry for every pound of meat you eat. The primary source of fat is from the skin that melts into the meat while cooking.

So if you use a skinless turkey, the difference in calories reduces even further. Also, fat is required to absorb the fat soluble vitamins, Vitamin A, D, K and E plays a significant role in the proper functioning of our body and health. One thing you need to take care that you do not mix different types of oil as each oil has a different boiling or smoke point.

The ideal range is between 350 Fahrenheit to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. To check if the turkey is cooked or not, take it out and insert a thermometer into the thickest portion of its thigh, taking care that it does not touch the bone.

Nowadays the wide range of turkey fryers are available in the market; it is natural to get confused and unsure about the type of fryer to buy. However, do not worry here is the list of best turkey fryers available in the market. The most important point to remember while buying fryer is the capacity that you need. If your requirement is less buy small size water heater but if you are having a large family buy fryer with large capacity.

The choice between indoor and outdoor depends on your preferences as well as the climate of the place you stay. Now Let’s discover different turkey fryers.


If you are looking for an indoor electric turkey fryer or outdoor turkey fryer, you must consider the above turkey fryers. A turkey fryer will give you a crisp, golden fried turkey, and it will provide you best results in less time compared to conventional cooking. Choose from an indoor unit, which will allow you to use it for the whole year, or an outdoor unit that can usually handle a larger turkey.

You can compare the best products available in the above list and purchase the one that suits your needs and requirements.


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